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what is the best way to find out whether we are connected to server?
mwaqas #1
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Subject: Best way to find out whether we are connected to server
In mobile world connection to the server can be tricky sometimes, what is the best method to find out whether we are connected to server or not? currently i use XmppClient.StreamActive method when app starts or activated and also just before sending any message, is that the correct way?

Thanks in advance for your reply,
Alex #2
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When you get disconnected you should always get the OnClose event as soon as MatriX detects the connection loss. So you should watch the OnClose event.

StreamActive gets set to true as soon as MatriX was able to establish an XMPP stream. But this does not mean that you session is authenticated and ready at this time. So you should rely on OnRosterEnd, OnAuthenticate, OnPresense or some other event. Take the one which works best for you.

Also Windows Phone stops any code and closes the connection when your app gets deactivated. When the app gets deactivated you should try to Close the connection when possible and wait for the OnClose event. This is sometimes not possible because the OS freezes any code. For this reason many of our users throw away the complete XmppClient and create a new one when the app is reactivated. Or handle all this crazy situations which can occur, eg. the OnClose can raise on reactivation.

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