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Subject: x_FACEBOOK_PLATEFORM and agsxmpp
How can i add sasl authentification x-facebook-platform to agsxmpp, i have version 1.1.0, so i tested this code:

  1. xcc.OnSaslStart += new agsXMPP.sasl.SaslEventHandler(xmppCon_OnSaslStart);
  2. private void XmppCon_OnSaslStart(object sender, SaslEventArgs args)
  3. {
  4.     args.Mechanism = agsXMPP.protocol.sasl.Mechanism.GetMechanismType(agsXMPP.protocol.sasl.MechanismType.X_FACEBOOK_PlATEFORM); // in this line i //have probleme
  5.     args.ExtentedData = new FacebookExtendedData { AccessToken = "YOUR TOKEN", ApiKey = "YOUR API KEY" };
  6. }

help me please, i dont speak english, so sorry for my langage
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Alex #2
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you have to checkout the latest sources from SVN which include the X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM authentication.
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