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Subject: Same XMPPClientconnection object for Register & login ?
Can i use same XMPPClientConnection Object for Registeration and Login to WildFire XMPP Server?

[I am using agsxmpp and wildfire XMPPServer ]

              LoginClientConnection.Username = loginUserID.User.ToString();
               LoginClientConnection.Server = loginUserID.Server.ToString();
               LoginClientConnection.Password = password;
               LoginClientConnection.Port =5233\ 5222;
               LoginClientConnection.UseSSL =true\ false ;
               LoginClientConnection.RegisterAccount = true\false;
               // Open the connection
               // it wait's Until the connection is completed
               while (LoginClientConnection.XmppConnectionState.ToString   () !   ="connected" \ "SessionStarted")

After register a new user i close the XMPPClient connection using



then i will change the proberty in to (5222,false,false)
and then i am waiting till the connectionstate is changed to "SessionStarted"

but the connection state doest move from "connected" in the loop

what is the problem?

But in the same process if i use separate XMPPClientconnectionObject then it works.

What is the problem? and How to register and then close and then login the connection using same object?


Alex #2
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yes you can. When you register a account the library will login with the new registered account automatically. You don't have to close the connection and open it again.
We have improved the registration code in the latest release. So make sure you use the latest code of agXMPP.

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