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Subject: Newbie question about namespace in Iq

I've just started to use Matrix and I have a wondering about the namespace in the Iq stanca. Is it always "jabber:client" ?

If i look at the XML generated by my custom iq it looks like this:

  1. <iq id="MX_2" type="set" xmlns="jabber:client">
  2.  <SendMessage xmlns="Mercury.MercuryClient">
  3.     <Users>
  4.       <User>
  5.         <UserName>MyUser1</UserName>
  6.       </User>
  7.       <User>
  8.         <UserName>MyUser2</UserName>
  9.       </User>
  10.     </Users>
  11.     <Priority>1</Priority>
  12.     <Subject>Test</Subject>
  13.     <Body>This is a test</Body>
  14.     <ExpirationDate>2012-01-02 00:00:00</ExpirationDate>
  15.  </SendMessage>
  16. </iq>

As you can see I've set the namespace on the payload for the Iq (SendMessage) by calling the baseconstructor when creating my
SendMessageIq, but the namespace for the actual iq doesn't appear to be settable.

  1.         /// <summary> Constructor, set namespace and XML tag. </summary>
  2.         public SendMessagePayload()
  3.             : base(Settings.Default.AssemblyNamespace, "SendMessage")
  4.         {
  5.         }

My question is simply this: Should I be able to set the namespace for the iq or should it always be "jabber:client"?

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Alex #2
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Hi Robert,

the namespaces of the stanzas (top level elements) iq, message and presence MUST be always jabber:client for a client connection. You cannot change them. The children (payload) can be in any namespace you want. So you are doing everything correct in your code.
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