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Subject: Facebook Chat
Hello everyone,
I am trying to connect to Facebook Chat using agsXMPP. I know it requires special SASL mechanism that should be invoked in OnSasl event handler, but I guess agsXMPP in contrast with MatriX doesn't support X_FACEBOOK_PLATFORM mechanism. It's just not listed in available mechanism in agsXMPP.Sasl namespace.

Company I work for won't pay for MatriX licence so I have to use agsXMPP. Is Facebook support exclusive to MatriX?

Also, I have heard Facebook supports connection with agsXMPP.Sasl.DigestMD5. Is that still true? Could someone please provide some example connection snippet code?… talks only about connecting using X_FACEBOOK_PLATFORM, not using DigestMD5Mechanism. I know Facebook changed authentication method before so I am not sure if DigestMD5 will still work. Anyway if you could provide some sample code (body of OnSasl event handler is more than enough) I could at least try it.

If it's right that the only way to connect to Facebook now is X_FACEBOOK_PLATFORM, could someone propose alternative way or library to use when trying to get my software work with Facebook? I have heard about Jabber-net, but agsXMPP looked better so I gave it a shot first. If someone happens to know how to resolve my problem or what alternative approach I could use, please don't hesitate to answer this topic, I will be very grateful.

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  • Digest-MD5 is just normal login with username and password. Facebook has announced to disable it a while ago. I have not tried it myself for a while.
  • MatriX is a complete different library and a total rewrite, not just some addons to agsXMPP.
  • agsXMPP does currently not support the X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM Sasl mechanism. But its easy to add new Sasl mechanisms to the code.
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