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Subject: how to use StringWriterWithEncoding ???
First Alex, i would to take the time to thanks for the job you done. Im working right now on a IM project and i really enjoy  your framework.

i got a problem with the encoding. When i subscribe a account on the serveur with a JID who containt special caracter like (é, ô), i got a authFailure when the server try to connect with the new created account.
I test it with Pandion and i got no error with pandion(surely because pandion parse(encode) the string containing the username before creating the new jid associated with the connection).

Must exist a solution other than not autorize the spacial caracter to the textbox(txtUsername) in the frmsubscription.

Alex #2
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hi maniack,

all XML will be sent in UTF8 encoding. But there was a bug with XML entities in the last version which is fixed in the latest version. Could you try to checkout the latest code from SVN?

If you still have problems pleae post the XML Debug. There are also problems with some special unicode characters on some servers if the charsets are not correct. E.g with Wildfire and mySQL you must adjust some special settings to get it working crrectly.

Also make sure you "lower" the username. To be 100% XMPP compliant you have to use StringPrep, NodePrep and ResourcePrep Profiles. But this doesnt affect the 2 characters you mentioned AFAIK
see also:

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