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yagami #1
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Subject: Version 1.5?
Hello Sir.
What's the difference between 1.4.5 and 1.5?

Alex #2
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here is a changelog:

- threading bugfix in OnBeforeSasl
- added privacy lists (XEP-0016)
- added PrivacyIq
- added Privacymanager
- added XPathFiler for Silverlight version
- added more overloads to EnterRoom in Mucmanager
- added BOSH prebind in full version
- added OnCreateWebRequest event to XmppStream where you can pass additonal Webrequest stuff for BOSH conections.
- added approved attribute to roter items, new feature of RFC6121
- added XEP-0055 Jabber Search
- updated for Facebooks OAUTH authentication
- added XEP-0184 Message Delivery Receipts
- fixed MD5 hashing bug (
- added OnCreateBoshSession event for overwriting Bosh default session request params
- added XEP-0224 user attention
- extended DisoManager, can now automatically reply to info requests, and build the Caps hash. new  methods: AddFeature, RemoveFeature, AddIdentity, Removeidentity, BuildCapsHash, new properties: AutoReplyToDiscoInfo  
- added BookMarkStorageIq
- conplete rewrite and resdesign of the BOSH component (BoshSocket)
- complete rewrite of the BOSH component
- fixed bug in caps hashes
- added File Dictionary
- added storage providers for file and memory
- DiscoManager can now automatically send and request caps
- Discomanager can cache caps to file or memory
- added OnStreamHeader event to allow client and internal components to access the stream header
- added caps to presence
- added on BindError
- added all Html-Im elements definded in the XEP
- added change password to xmppclient
- added geolocation
- added Jingle classes
- added XMucUser Property to Message class
- added see-other-host error class
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