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Subject: Receive all incoming 1:1 chat messages

Is there a way to connect to the server and  listen to/receive all 1:1 messages sent to the server  - not caring who it is from and who it is to?  Basically I'm interested in developing a bot which connects to the server and simply listens to all messages and logs them to our database - basically message archiving.

Currently the OnMessage in my code only picks up 1:1 messages sent to the jid I connect with - which is what it should be doing :)!...  
I currently use OpenFire as my server with LDAP for authentication. Is this possible or only achievable with MUC rooms?

Alex #2
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I am not aware of such an XMPP extensions. You have to solve this on the server side. There are plugins for message archiving in openfire. If they don't fit for your use case you have to modify them or write your own server plugin.
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