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Subject: MatriX requires internet access for Certificates?
I'm using MatriX to communicate between an Openfire server and XMPP clients within an isolated LAN.  However, the clients will occasionally require internet access to renew a certificate of some sort, otherwise they fail to establish a connection with the server.  The only noticeable symptom (other than being unable to send/receive messages) is a crypto32 error in the System Event Log within the Computer Management console.

Forgive my lack of details, but does this issue sound familiar?  Is there a way to run the MatriX library on an isolated LAN without having to authenticate certificates on the internet?

Thanks for your input!
Alex #2
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XMPP is using TLS to encrypt the connection. And TLS requires certificates. I have not heard from such problems yet, but .NET SslStream is based on the crypto32 API. So this can be related. You can try to set Tls to false to test without encryption.

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