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deepak #1
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Subject: Save vCard
Private Sub VcardResult(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal query As agsXMPP.protocol.client.IQ, ByVal data As Object)
    If query.Type = IqType.result Then
        Dim vcard As Vcard = query.Vcard
        If Not (vcard Is Nothing) Then
             txtFullname.Text = vcard.Fullname
             txtNickname.Text = vcard.Nickname
             txtBirthday.Text = vcard.Birthday.ToString
             txtDescription.Text = vcard.Description
             Dim photo As Photo = vcard.Photo
             If Not (photo Is Nothing) Then
                 picPhoto.Image = vcard.Photo.Image
             End If
        End If
    End If
End Sub
This code in Miniclient retrieves the vCard of specified JID in ur roster. Now how can I save my vCard on the server ??
Alex #2
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hi deepak,

you only have to set the IqType = IqType.set in your query.
And of course have a vcard object in your query with all your data you want to send to the server.
Normally you retrieve your own vcard. Edit it, change IqType to set and send it back to the server.

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