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Stuart O'Reilly #1
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Subject: Using AdHocCommands?
Hello All,
   Does anyone have any demo/example code they can share that shows how the AdHocCommands namespace is used?
Alex #2
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Hi Stuart,

sorry but we have no examples. Ad Hoc commands are desribed very well here in the XEP-0050: Ad-Hoc Commands.

Ad hoc commands are pretty simple to understand. They are used for wizard style interfaces with one ore more steps (Previous, Next, Finish). Each page of the wizard contains a data form. You can use this with a UI and of course also without UI where your code processes the steps.

The Psi client impements the Ad-hoc-commands very well. As a start you could setup a server which implements server configuration (eg. ejabberd, tigase and others) with commands and use the Psi client to execute them.

If you want to implement Commands with UI then you should download the MatriX.Ui.Zip package from here
This is a set of classes which build the Ui from xdata forms and allows you to submit the values.

When you have specific questions then please post them in detail. I try my best to answer them and post code snippets when requested for a specific use case.

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