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Subject: Disco namespace
I would like to do the following: discover all chat rooms on a server, and the current participants for each room.  To do this, XMPP provides service discovery -- the client would first use the disco#items method to find rooms on the server, then disco#info to find out information about each room, then another disco#items to a particular room to possibly get a list of current participants.  My question is how to do this using MatriX.  I didn't notice anything in the Silverlight MUC client (it looks like the rooms were hardcoded?), or any forum threads (except one agsXMPP post that looked like it wouldn't apply to MatriX).  I did notice the Disco namespace, however.  Is there any code snippet / examples that could get me started on this?  Thanks!
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You can use the MatriX.Xmpp.Client.DiscoManager for this. The DiscoverItems and DiscoverInformation members are what you are looking for. Let me know if this helps you, or if you need example code.

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