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Subject: Getting my messages, written from web-site chat

I've noticed that all messages arrive, except messages that I write via the web-site.

For example:
1) I connect via MatriX XMPP client AND via gmail and start to chat with some person.

a) I write a message via XMPP client - result - message appears both on XMPP client and on gmail web-site - that's alright.
b) I write a message via gmail web-site - result - message appears only on gmail web-site and NOT on XMPP client - that's not desired
  • note - messages received FROM the chat person always arrive alright to both.

Is there any way to receive MY messages written in web-site? (I haven't tested gtalk client)

Alex #2
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when you send messages to a specific resource then only this resource gets the message. When you send a message to a bare Jid (without resource) then the GTalk server sends this message to all connected clients.

The behavior of the most existing clients is the following:
When you start a new chat then they send the message to a bare jid. Once you got the first reply they fetch the resource and then send all following messages directly to this resource only.

Also be aware that distributing a message to a bare Jid to all resources is a special behavior of the GTalk server and some other XMPP server implementation. Not all server implementations do the same, many also send the message then to the "most available resource" which is the one with the highest priority.

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