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Subject: Send attention
How do I send this using AGSXMPP:

<attention xmlns='urn:xmpp:attention:0'/>

Dim UserID As agsXMPP.Jid = New agsXMPP.Jid(Me.Tag & "@" & UserList(connection).XMPP_Connection.Server.ToString)
Dim autoReply As protocol.client.Message

autoReply = New protocol.client.Message(UserID, protocol.client.MessageType.normal, Nothing)
autoReply.Chatstate = protocol.extensions.chatstates.Chatstate.paused

'autoReply.?????? = "<attention xmlns='urn:xmpp:attention:0'/>"?????


From: XEP-0224
Alex #2
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there is no class for attention in agsXMPP. So first create the class:

  1. Public Class Attention Inherits Element 
  2.     Public Sub New()
  3.         TagName = "attention"
  4.         [Namespace] = "xmlns='urn:xmpp:attention:0"
  5.     End Sub
  6. End Class

then do:
  1. autoreply.AddChild(new Attention())
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