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Subject: Error while sending Route message to Client from Server
Alex can u help me ...... 

at Matrix.BareJidComparer.Compare(Jid x, Jid y)
   at Matrix.MessageFilter.#=qmSrMyhN1bTAlbiVqilVAnqUoORe5E1p9YK8VvsWEbCQ=(Object #=qoYu9iW1RwNTEuHsaHMD5yw==, MessageEventArgs #=qsRK0il9qUA4wx0z_DUt3MQ==)
   at System.EventHandler`1.Invoke(Object sender, TEventArgs e)

Server Code :

private void ProcessMessages(Message message)
            string[] address = message.To.ToString().Split('@');
            Socket s = Form1.collection[address[0]];
            Message m = new Message()
                To= message.To,
                Chatstate =,
                Id = address[0],
                Body = message.Body

            Send(m.ToString(false), s);
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