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Subject: Different behaviour on different machines and missing messages

I'm building a service that uses a chat client to communicate jobs with other users. It uses a series of short commands (often 1 character) to speed up the process of users accepting or declining jobs etc.

On my development machine (in New Zealand, Windows 7 Ultimate x64) it all works fine. Trillian and eBuddy on my iPhone can communicate, and I can send in the same command (say "N") 10 times without fail.

On my development server (also in New Zealand, Server 2008 R2 Standard x64 it also works fine, same results as above.

On our QA Server (a VM in Rackspace in the US, Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise x64) I get different behaviour. Most concerning is the fact that if I send in "N" 10 times from Trillian, it responds to the first one, and the remaining 9 never arrive, and then subsequently no messages arrive from Trillian. This has happened repeatedly with the same code on all 3 machines. However, it doesn't do it to eBuddy on my iPhone - I can send multiple "N" commands and they all arrive, and all get the correct response.

Why ideas of where to even start looking for this problem?

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Quote by DinoNZ:
Why ideas of where to even start looking for this problem?

Such problems are very hard to debug.
Is the XMPP server also running this server, or only your custom software?

First you should check if the messages arrive at your service on the socket level. This helps us to find if the problem is on the XMPP server, your service or agsXMPP. When you run the XMPP clients without encryption you can see all Xml in a socket sniffer like Wireshark.
Subscribe also to all OnError events in agsXMPP and log them.

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